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Shenzhen New Katop Technology Co., Ltd


Company Profile

        Established in March 2013 with registration capital 30 Million RMB, it specializes  in precision machinery, modern control technology, new sensor applications & large-scale integrated automation engineering, provides customers with process automation, production process wiring, and automation solutions.

        It develops rapidly and has formed a relatively complete product system, including coating machine, experimental machine, etc. It has several IP projects and gradually become a key supplier in the battery equipment industry.

        New Katop will  improve its research and development level, continue to provide high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost, green and automated technology equipment. With complete solutions to enhance the localization rate of battery equipment,  we create high value for our customers and establish good brand recognition and reputation in the industry.


Contact Information:    

ADDRESS:B Building,No.6 Twenty-one Lanjin Road Pingshan New District,Shenzhen 
ZIP CODE:518118



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