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Jiangxi Katop Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Jiangxi Katop Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in December 2015 with 3,000,000 RMB RMB3 hundred million as registered capital. It located sits at Fengxin industrial zone Yichun city Jiangxi province and covered occupies an area   of 10000 square meters. It is one of the most important projects of Putaillai in the following next strategic development strategic development plan. After this project achieves the its due goal, the annual capability will increase by 230 coating machines and the average annual sale will increase by 350RMB 3.5 hundred million RMBevery year.

In the future, Jiangxi Katop will continue to invest and develop the automation demands technology to adapt to the various markets. with developing and researching the technology and purchasing more high-tech machines to adapt to the market variations.


Contact Information:

ADDFengxin Industrial Park, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province                  

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