Aluminium laminated film
AMT’s technical advantages

Design of heat seal layer polypropylene CPP

Design of casting extrusion adhesive resin

Metal and CPP composite technology

Composite film flexibility technology
Dongguan AMT is a pioneer in the technological breakthrough and import substitution of high-end thermal aluminium laminated film in China, which the main products are 113um and 88um consumer electronics aluminium laminated film. The company is the first in the world to successfully develop the steel laminated film for EV batteries. At the same time, Dongguan AMT independently developed special CPP materials for lithium-ion batteries that are resistant to electrolyte corrosion, which solves the problems of ordinary CPP materials that are not resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. To increase the application range of aluminium laminated film in electric vehicles, Dongguan AMT developed raw material formula, thermal compounding process and product design as well as the SLF products with stainless steel foil. This product, used ultra-thin stainless steel as the main body of the pack material, improves the strength of the soft pack batteries in EV. This has reached the international advanced level and currently only JFE of Japan is developing and producing similar products.


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