Name:120μm Stainless Steel-Lamination-Film

Use the stainless-steel as the main material

Improve the strength of the soft package battery for electric vehicle

Widely application in lib battery production process

Product introduction

1. Product overview:

In order to apply the aluminum laminated packaging materials in electric vehicles, AMT has developed the steel laminated film with stainless steel foil as the main body by using the raw material formula, thermal compounding process and product design independently developed. The product uses ultra-thin stainless steel as the main body of the packaging material, which improves the strength of the soft packaging battery for electric vehicles.

2. Main application:

Power lithium-ion batteries.

3. Innovative advantages

—First to achieve the technological breakthrough and import substitution of high-end thermal aluminum-plastic packaging film products in China, and successfully develop steel laminated film products for electric vehicle batteries. The performance index of the product is close to the international mainstream advanced level.

—Adopting self-developed thermal compounding process and secondary compounding process, successfully solved the problem of adhesion between the CPP layer of aluminum laminated film and aluminum metal foil layer, and successfully broke through the technical bottleneck restricting most domestic aluminum laminated film manufacturers.

—Independently developed a special CPP material that is resistant to electrolyte corrosion in lithium-ion batteries, which solves the problem that ordinary CPP materials are not resistant to corrosion and high temperature.


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