Fan Ruiping met with Chairman Liang Feng

Date:2020-10-20 14:15


Fan Ruiping said Chengdu is fully putting into practice the principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping's major addresses and seizing the strategic opportunities for the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle, taking opening up and innovation as the biggest variable and the most powerful force for development in the new era, and accelerating the cultivating drivers of high-quality growth. Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co,Ltd. is a leader in lithium-ion materials and equipment industry. We hope it will fucus on the development and utilization of new energy vehicles and clean energy, accelerate the implementation of key projects and R&D centers in Chengdu, attract more up-and-down stream companies and jointly create an industrial ecosystem and an innovation ecological chain.  Chengdu will also further deepen cooperation between the two parties, continue to optimize the business environment, and assist enterprises to innovate and develop more new products and new scenarios in the cutting-edge fields to meet the people’s desire for a better life.

The Chariman Liang Feng is very optimistic about Chengdu’s development prospects. He stated that Chengdu has a vast consumer market, strong innovation capabilities and talent gathering advantage. Enterprises will regard Chengdu as the important R&D、operation and manufacturing center, further expand  the  investment layout in Chengdu, accelerate the implementation of major projects and achieve mutual benefit and common development.


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