Leaders of Shanghai Branch of ICBC Visited Putailai

Date:2020-09-24 18:50

On the afternoon of March 18, Mr. Jie Fu, president of Shanghai branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), with his entourage went to the headquarters of Putailai Group to conduct an in-depth study on the development of the enterprise and explore  in-depth cooperation opportunities between banks and enterprises. Patiala’s chairman, Feng Liang, director and vice GM, Dr. Zhongwei Han, vice president of Shanghai branch of ICBC, Qiang Pan, leaders from corporate financial business department of Shanghai branch, credit approval department, inclusive financial business division, science and technology center and Caohejing sub-branch  attended the meeting together.

Chairman Liang first expressed his sincere welcome to president Fu and his delegation. The two parties exchanged in-depth views on the development of the new energy lithium-ion battery industry and the industry’s supply and demand structure. Chairman Liang comprehensively demonstrated the company’s operations, main products, upstream and downstream customers, core business competitiveness and three-year financial capital planning. Meanwhile chairman Liang specified the group’s development idea about building the whole industry chain of lithium-ion battery materials and equipment.

President Fu expressed his gratitude to Putailai for its trust in ICBC, fully affirmed Putailai Group’s long-term intensive work in the lithium-ion battery upstream materials industry and expressed its willingness to cooperate further, gradually provide full range of financial services. ICBC Shanghai branch will start with Putailai’s credit and cash management, hoping to have the opportunity to explore and participate in group’s capital market financing, domestic project financing, industrial mergers and acquisitions, overseas project financing under the free trade zone, international trade services and other businesses. Present Fu also suggested Putalai Group discuss the equity investment with ICBC in certain projects to conduct the depth of cooperation.

Through this investigation, the understanding between ICBC and Putailai has been deepened. In the next stage, Putailai will strengthen cooperation at a higher level with ICBC and lay a solid foundation for the industry.


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