Leaders visited Ningde Advanced Electronic Technology Company

Date:2020-09-24 18:22

On August 7 the Mayor of Ningde, Jun Sui, accompanied by municipal staff, came to Dongqiao for the investigation of new energy projects and held a symposium to coordinate, solve specific problems and promote the projects to accelerate construction. Leaders from Dongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone attended the investigation activities.


Mr. Sui and the investigation group successively inspected the first and the second phase of the standard plant of Ningde Advanced Electronic Technology, and the third phase of the new energy project. After learning more about the production as well as the project progress, Mr. Sui put forward specific requirements for the project. Sui stressed that all relevant departments and participating units should  abide by consensus, take responsibilities, overcome difficulties, solidly promote the work of resettlement, strengthen the protection of various factors, and speed up project construction to ensure the realization of the established construction aims. 

At the symposium, Sui heard the reports about the construction of the third phase of the new energy project and the next phase of work arrangements, understood the relevant demands, and studied the countermeasures one by one for the specific problems existing, and proposed solutions to meet the deadline. Mr. Sui pointed out that the new energy is the leading industry in Ningde and the model of Ningde's industrial transformation and upgrading. We will build consensus around the development of the enterprise and make every effort to promote the development of new energy.

In response to the construction of the next phase of the new energy phase III project, Mr. Sui emphasized that first, we must speed up the relocation and complete the land requisition tasks on schedule and with quality and quantity. According to the job assignment, Dongqiao and Jiaocheng should strength cooperation, focus on the construction goals of the enterprise and increase the work intensity. Relocation and resettlement should be under the law and regulations. Secondly, we need strengthen communication and improve the consultation and coordination mechanism.  Thirdly, we need speed up construction under the premise of safety and high quality.


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