Name:Nano Boehmite

Uniform particles

Good adhesion and flame retardancy

Widely used in lithium-ion battery ceramic separatir coating

Product introduction

1. Product overview:

The product has uniform particles, few large particles, good dispersibility in the solvent, no obvious delamination, sedimentation and agglomeration when dispersed in the solvent for a long time; the product has good adhesion as a ceramic separator coating, and the coating surface is smooth and flawless. Due to the low hardness of boehmite itself, there is little damage to the equipment during coating. At the same time, boehmite has a certain flame-retardant property, which can reduce the burning of the separator coating to a certain extent.

2. Main application:

 The products are widely used in lithium-ion battery ceramic separator coating.

3. Innovative advantages:

—Complete regular tetrahedron or sheet structure. The accumulation of tetrahedral particles makes the surface of the ceramic separator coating more uniform, and the formed channel is more conducive to the passage of lithium-ions; the coating of the sheet structure can make the ceramic coating thinner;

—The particles are uniform, and the dispersion stability is good.

Technical parameters



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