Name:Nano Alumina

According to purity, it is divided into three categories: JD4N (99.99), JD3N (99.9), and JD2N (99)

Alumina and slurry can be customized based on needs

Product introduction

1. Product overview:

The product has uniform particles, few large particles, good dispersibility in the solvent, no obvious delamination, sedimentation and agglomeration when dispersed in the solvent for a long time; the product has good adhesion as a ceramic separator coating, and the coating surface is smooth and flawless.

The products are divided into three categories: JD4N, JD3N, and JD2N according to their purity. The particle size and morphology can be customized according to customer needs. In addition, we can customize alumina slurry based on JD4N, JD3N, and JD2N products for customers to directly apply.

2. Main application:

Products are widely used in lithium-ion battery ceramic separator coatings, inorganic film, precision polishing materials, engineering ceramics, etc.

3. Innovative advantages:

—Internationally leading nano-powder agglomeration decomposition technology, to ensure that more than 99% of the soft agglomeration and hard agglomeration in the product are completely opened, and single crystal particles with uniform size are obtained;

—Advanced nano powder classification technology, through the combination of multiple classification processes to separate and classify particles in different particle size ranges to obtain products with narrow particle size distribution;

—Advanced powder surface treatment technology, which can control the hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of the powder, the viscosity in the solvent, and the pH value to ensure the dispersion stability of the product in the solvent.

Technical parameters



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