Separator coating
AET’s technical advantages
Core technology to
reduce water content
Core technology to
reduce the increased separator permeation rate after coating
Core technology to
reduce thermal shrinkage
Waterborne PVDF
coating technology
Core technology to
PVDF-coated separator
Dongguan AET is a pioneer in the research and industrialization of ceramic separator coating in China. The company has successfully developed Alpha alumina nano ceramic coating on PP/PE separator. Currently, the separator coating for 7-micron substrates can be completed stably with 1.5-micron thickness in batches, which is domestically leading.
Dongguan AET has overcome three key technical challenges: high water content, increased separator permeation rate after coating, and high thermal shrinkage in ceramic coating. For example, to reduce the increased separator permeation rate after the coating, Dongguan AET has optimized the coating slurry ratio, thoroughly stirred and dispersed by special equipment, treated the surface of the separator by special process, and applied the secondary pore forming to reduce the increased separator permeation rate after coating.


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