Name:Water-based PVDF separator coating

Widely used in the production of separator film for digital and power lithium-ion batteries

Enhance the adhesion between separator and pole piece

Improve the hardness of lithium-ion batteries, reduce deformation, and improve the reaction interface

Product introduction

1. Product overview:

The product uses a water-based PVDF coating on the surface of the polyolefin separator film to achieve the adhesion between the separator film and the pole piece, improve the hardness of the lithium-ion battery cell, reduce deformation, and improve the reaction interface.

The most popular models about thickness are: 7+2μm, 9+2μm, 12+2μm, 16+2, etc.

2. Main application: 

The products are widely used in the production of digital and power lithium-ion batteries.

3. Innovative advantages:

—Internationally leading nano-powder agglomeration decomposition technology, to ensure that more than 99% of the soft agglomeration and hard agglomeration in the product are completely opened, and single crystal particles with uniform size are obtained;

—International leading coating thickness control technology, which can uniformly control the coating thickness within on 2μm;

—Leading ultra-thin base film coating ability, which can be stabilized for coating processing on a 5μm base film.

Technical parameters



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