Name:Ceramic+PVDF mixed separator coating

Innovative products

Widely used in the separator coating for digital and power lithium-ion batteries

Enhance the adhesion between diaphragm and pole piece

Improve the heat resistance, oxidation resistance and electrolyte wettability

Product introduction

1. Product overview:

The product is coated with a water-based PVDF and alumina ceramic mixed coating on the surface of the polyolefin diaphragm, so as to achieve not only the adhesion between the separator and the pole piece, but also the heat resistance, oxidation resistance and electrolyte wettability, etc.

 The most popular models about thickness are: 7+2μm, 7+3μm, 1.5+7+1.5μm, 9+1.5μm, 9+3μm, 1.5+9+1.5μm, 12+2μm, 12+3μm, etc.

2. Main application:

 The products are widely used in the production of digital and power lithium-ion batteries.

3. Innovative advantages:

—Internationally leading nano-powder agglomeration decomposition technology, to ensure that more than 99% of the soft agglomeration and hard agglomeration in the product are completely opened, and single crystal particles with uniform size are obtained;

—International leading coating thickness control technology, which can uniformly control the coating thickness between 1μm and 4μm;

—Leading ultra-thin base film coating ability, which can be stabilized for coating processing on a 5μm base film.


Technical parameters



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