Anode materials
Zichen‘s technical advantages


Unique raw material selection technology


Isotropic technology


Microencapsulated surface modification technology for ultrafine powder surface


Artificial and natural graphite composite technology

Zichen Technology uses unique raw material selection technology, powder material isotropic treatment, surface modification and high-temperature heat treatment and other core technologies to increase the product differentiation in the market and produce high-end anode materials with international leading level.
The main products have the following advantages:
The first discharge capacity of the key products is more than 360mAh/g;
The alignment (I004/I110) is less than 10;
The compacted density is above 1.7g/cm3;
80% of its initial capacity after 1,000 charge cycles.


The Lithium-ion battery market is the key sector related to clean energy, energy saving and high-efficiency energy storage industry. We focus on lithium-ion batteries’ key materials and automation process equipment and are committed to becoming comprehensive solution provider with the leading advantages of technology and scale.