Anode Division

Putailai anode materials division gives high priority to the R&D team construction and investment, speeds up the development of fast charge, cost effective materials and natural graphite anodes; actively promotes the pilot test and mass production of new products such as silicon oxide/silicon carbon/hard carbon. Zichen supports domestic raw material suppliers, actively promotes the introduction of new processes for graphitization and carbonization and builds an integrated and large-scale cost advantage in Inner Mongolia. Focusing on top customers of power battery, Zichen maintains the leading position in the global lithium-ion battery anode material market.
Jiangxi Zhichen Technology Co. Ltd


ADD:Fengxin Industrial Park ,Jiangxi Province

Company Profile

Jiangxi Zichen Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established in December 2012, located in Fengxin Industrial Park, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of 150,000 square meters and a registered capital of 250,000,000 RMB. It is a specialized manufacturer of anode materials for lithium-ion secondary batteries, integrating R&D, production and sales. It has the most outstanding talents in the field of graphite material application development in China, has strong independent R&D capabilities, and has established a good technical cooperation and personnel exchange platform with domestic well-known research institutes and universities.

In 2018, Jiangxi Zichen Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons, and the capacity will continue to grow in 2019.

Inner Mongolia Xingfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd


ADD:Changda Logistics Park, Luzhouping, Qixiaying, Zhuozi County, Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia

Company Profile

Inner Mongolia Xingfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was founded in October 2017 in the industrial park of Zhuozi County, invested 1.2 billion yuan by Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Having a registered capital of 300 million yuan, the 100-hectare company started construction in March 2018, then parts of the project were conducted the trial operation in May 2019.


At present, the project has all been put into production. It is expected this factory would earn 620 million yuan in operating income, pay 26 million yuan in tax and provide more than 600 jobs once it is in full operation.     This new material company is specializing in processing lithium-ion battery anode materials, producing high-quality carburant, graphite crucibles and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes.


The first phase has a 55,000-ton capacity of the anode and supporting materials, which is one of the key investment projects in Zhuozi. Its full operation marks new progress in the graphitization processing industry of Zhuozi. It plays an important role in the transformation of the mode of Zhuozi’s economic development and upgrading of the industrial structure.

Shandong Xingfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd


ADD:Middle of Yuanzheng Road, Economic Development Zone, Linyi County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

Company Profile

Invested by Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, Shangdong Xingfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (Shandong Xingfeng) was established in February 2017 in Linyi County, Dezhou. This 12.5-hectare new material factory specializes in producing lithium-ion battery anode materials and high-quality carburant.

Shandong Xingfeng has strong technical strength and abundant experience. The company owns 3 high-level 12,000KVA graphitization purification units and is equipped with the complete auxiliary material crushing and screening system, crucible loading and unloading system, furnace loading and unloading system, graphite crucible processing system and flue gas desulfurization environmental protection system. Product quality and technology have reached an advanced level in domestic and overseas markets.

Liyang Zichen New Material Technology Co., Ltd


ADD:No. 588, Chengbei Avenue, Kunlun Street, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province

Company Profile

Founded on September 30, 2017, with a registered capital of 270 million yuan, Liyang Zichen New Material Technology Co., Ltd (Liyang Zichen) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 

This 22-hectare company offers products and services for nano materials R&D, anode materials, carbon composite anode materials, silicon anodes and silicon-carbon graphite composite materials, as well as engaging in industrial investment, self-operation and agent service for import and export commodities and technology. 

Having a strong R&D team- a group of experienced, talented, highly-skilled and dedicated engineers and technicians, Liyang Zichen possesses independent R&D strengths. The senior management team consists of outstanding experts in R&D and application of anode materials. The company has cooperated closely with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and famous domestic research institutes. As a global leader in artificial graphite anode materials, Zichen has established full cooperation with world-renowned lithium-ion battery customers. The first phase has a 40,000-ton capacity of high-performance anode materials and sales are forecast to reach 3 billion yuan.


The Lithium-ion battery market is the key sector related to clean energy, energy saving and high-efficiency energy storage industry. We focus on lithium-ion batteries’ key materials and automation process equipment and are committed to becoming comprehensive solution provider with the leading advantages of technology and scale.