Automation Equipment
The R&D on automation equipment in Putailai is undertaken by New Katop. The coating equipment has individual characteristics, high technical content and huge R&D costs. From the long-term development experience, New Katop has refined the modular R&D method and formed a practical R&D resource library, which has greatly improved the development efficiency. According to the realized functions, New Katop divides modules of the coating machine into coating die, tension control, deviation correction and drying. In each technical module, it is gradually decomposed into its own sub-modules for testing, control and execution. This division provides whole solutions quickly and achieves further technology accumulation and precipitation. Faced with the comprehensive and complex technical requirements of customers, R&D personnel can decompose them into relatively independent and highly reusable technical units, access relevant modules in the automated knowledge management library, personalize them in accordance with the specific needs, and then transform customers’ ideas into product solutions. Finally, the coordination and combination between modules are completed to form a well-designed product system.


The Lithium-ion battery market is the key sector related to clean energy, energy saving and high-efficiency energy storage industry. We focus on lithium-ion batteries’ key materials and automation process equipment and are committed to becoming comprehensive solution provider with the leading advantages of technology and scale.