Name:Single-side /double-sides wide-width high speed gravure coating machine

Product model:KTBG1200C-16

Product introduction

1、High-speed micro-gravure coating equipment, with a coating width of up to 1200mm, a mechanical speed of 150m/min, and a coating speed of up to 100m/min;

2、The high-speed micro-gravure coating equipment uses Siemens 1500 high-speed bus system, realize high-speed and high-precision coating production;

3、The coating roller adopts ceramic micro-gravure roller with high-precision installation structure;

4、The sealed material box and the adjustment device of the matching material box realize rapid adjustment;

5、The imported oven is equipped with vacuum adsorption rollers to reduce oven tension and improve coating quality;

6、The heating method of the oven is electric heating, and the roller in the oven is the main drive to reduce the tension of the base material and prevent the substrate from stretching;

7、The side top opening of the oven is convenient for belt threading and roller cleaning of the oven;

8、Reeling and unreeling use turret type automatic reel change and top cone chuck;

9、Reeling and unreeling use imported automatic correction system, and the correction stroke is ±100mm;

10、The feed system uses imported peristaltic pump, which automatically feeds through the pipeline after the program setting, which reduces slurry pollution;

11、The control system uses 100M Ethernet high-speed bus control, and the imported touch screen provides more convenient human-computer interaction;

12、The whole equipment adopts tension control, which is controlled by high-precision electric proportional valve;

Technical parameters

Coating type: Continuous coating

Coating roller: micro gravure roller

Material box adjustment: cylinder + adjustment handle

Coating thickness: dry thickness 2~4um solvent: water-based solvent; solid content: 40±10%

Coating accuracy: ±1%

Base material:  PE/PP separator film

Guide roller width: Maximum 1300mm

Coating width: Maximum 1200mm

Mechanical speed: 150m/min

Coating speed: Maximum 100m/min

Reeling and unreeling correction: stroke ±100mm, correction accuracy ±0.5mm

Reeling and unreeling form: turret type automatic roll change

Roll weight: ≤100Kg

Roll diameter: Maximum Φ 600mm

Core diameter: 3"&6" chuck

Tension: 5N~100N full width

Size: L21×W6×H5 meters

Oven length: single layer 16m (4 meters/section×4), fully active

Heating: electric heating

Oven temperature control: ±2℃, uniformity of air outlet: ±3%


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