Name:Multi-functional laboratory coating machine
Product introduction

1、Multiple coating methods are available;

2、Servo motor drive, wide coating speed range;

3、Small space required, no additional electrical control and feeding space;

4、High security;

5、Closed coating to ensure a clean environment;

6、The whole machine adopts bus control, with high tension precision, speed synchronization, and no scratches on the film surface;

Technical parameters

1、Coating methods:extrusion coating, blade coating, micro-gravure coating and other methods are optional;

2、Base material:Multiple;

3、Mechanical speed:0.5-15m/min;

4、Coating speed:0.5-15m/min;

5、Base material width:50-250mm;

6、Unreeling diameter:Φ300mm;

7、Reeling diameter:Φ300mm;

8、Oven temperature:Max.170℃;

9、Heating method:electrical heating;



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