Name:Slurry Processor
Product introduction

1、Vacuum defoaming, improve slurry performance;

2、Effectively remove agglomeration and filter large particles, very suitable for extrusion coating;

3、Multi-stage iron removal to improve battery safety;

4、Constant outlet temperature;

5、Optional monitoring of slurry viscosity and granularity;

Technical parameters

1、Main functions:cooling, buffering, filtering, iron removal, defoaming;

2、Slurry type:Lithium-ion battery cathode slurry;

3、Processing capacity:max4.5L/min;

4、Cache capacity:≥200L;

5、Discharge temperature:25±2.5℃;

6、Electricity:Three-phase AC380V 50Hz;

7、Cooling water:not higher than 10℃, cooling capacity is greater than 53kw;


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