Name:Release paper coating machine
Product introduction

1、The anilox roller blade adopts a closed blade box to prevent the silicon from being thrown at high speed;

2、Pneumatic oscillating a doctor blade;

3、Pull the roller after coating to overcome the reverse shear force during reverse coating;

4、Produce protective film with micro-gravure coating and composite mechanism;

5、Using air-floating oven, the tension is stable; the drying efficiency is high, and the film surface will not be scratched;

6、The drying over has double-layer insulation design, the inside is stainless steel SUS304, and the outside is aluminum plated (the outer surface of the oven is not painted);

7、The whole machine adopts bus control, with high tension precision, speed synchronization, and no scratches on the film surface;

Technical parameters

1、Coating type: anilox coating + micro gravure coating

2、Coating base l:PET,50-125u;paper,30g-150g;

3、Machine speed:250m/min;

4、Coating speed:30-200m/min;

5、Base material width:1350mm;

6、Unreeling diameter:Φ1200mm;

7、reeling diameter:Φ1200mm;

8、Oven temperature :Max.180℃;

9、Heating method: electrical heating, oil heating, gas heating (optional);


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