Name:Label film coating machine
Product introduction

1、Pneumatic oscillating a doctor blade;

2、Pull the roller after coating to overcome the reverse shear force during reverse coating;

3、The three-stage baking oven forms a large arch-shape;

4、Three coating heads can be freely matched and selected, such as A1/A1+A2/A1+A2+A3/A1+B1/A1+A2+B1 (Note: the letter A represents the front coating, the letter B represents the reverse coating, the number represents the order and times of coating. For example, A1+A2+B1 means two coatings on the front side, and then another coating on the reverse side);

5、After coating, a separate water-cooled roller is used for cooling;

6、Roll operation in oven is synchronized, independent motor drive;

7、The drying over has double-layer insulation design, the inside is stainless steel SUS304, and the outside is aluminum plated (the outer surface of the oven is not painted);

8、Reeling and unreeling automatically accept materials with non-stop;

9、The whole machine adopts bus control, with high tension precision, speed synchronization, and no scratches on the film surface;

Technical parameters

1、Coating method:Reverse Anilox coating (3 coating heads);

2、Coating base:PET,15-100u;

3、Machine speed:150m/min;

4、Coating speed:50-120m/min;

5、Base material width:1350mm;

6、Unreeling diameter:Φ1000mm;

7、Reeling diameter:Φ1000mm;

8、Oven temperature:Max.160℃;

9、Heating method:electrical heating, oil heating, gas heating (optional);


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