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Career development

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Putailai has——
Clear career paths;

Steady career ladder;
Scientific career development potential evaluation;
The perfect skills training and education programs
Putailai thinks ——
Employees are the greatest wealth in Putailai!
Putailai supplies ——
Growing environment and space;
Continued ascension of the personal qualities and skills;
Continue to show self-worth and personal dreams!


With the support of Putailai, along the way of staff. Shi zhoukai


——Jiang Xizi Zichen Minister of Purchasing Department


    Since the company I have the honor to join since it was founded, From an ordinary employee growth to the purchasing department minister, The whole process can not be separated from the company's leadership of the earnest guidance and colleagues of the enthusiastic help, Here I thank Pu Tailai this big family, Cultivate me, Give me the opportunity and self!
    Together with Pu tailai through the ups and downs, See the company constantly grow, I feel very proud and proud, Because there are my little a contribution!


      On a steady career ladder, To improve the staff in Tailai Pu temper Yin lixia

  ——Putailai Headquarters Minister of Audit Department


       Putailai Has been paying attention to the standardization of enterprise management, In order to strengthen the group's internal audit work, promote the company to improve the operation and management, Avoid business risk, Enhance the ability of sustainable development. Minister of audit Yin lixia, Has a wealth of experience in multi industry internal audit, by chance,join Putailai the big family, In the positive, growing environment to accept the challenge and experience again, Make audit career dreams and enterprise development complement each other.

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