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Board of supervisors

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Board of supervisors: The company supervisory board is composed of three supervisors including one staff representative.


Ms. Fang Liu: Ms Liu is the chairman of board of supervisors of Putailai. She was the vice president of Shanghai and now she is the vice president of Jiangxi Zichen. She has a wide research and development, production, sales and management experiences in the field of Lithium ion battery anode materials and is one of authors of the critical patents in respect to the preparation methods for synthetic graphite anode material.


Mr. Xiaoming Wang: Mr. Wang is the general manager of Dongguan AMT and AET. He is also a member of board of supervisors. With the rich experience of coating film and aluminum-plastic film, Mr. Wang worked for ATL and won the Six Sigma Black Belt award.

Mr. Qi Fang: Mr. Fang graduated from Wuhan University with the major of the Precision Instrument and Machinery. He continued to study as a master of Business Management in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He focus on R&D for new products development and plays the role staff representative in the board of supervisors.

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