Group Team-Corporate Executives

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 Group Team-Corporate Executives: The corporate executive group is comprised of 4 managers:


 Mr. Willian Chen:  Mr. Chen is the CEO of Putailai. He graduated from University of Science and Technology of China with major of Precise Instrument, and has more than 15 years of industry experience in Lithium ion battery industry. He was the councilor of the CEVA and also the founder and engineering VP of ATL.

Mr Suning Feng: Mr. Feng is the VP of Putailai and the general manager of Jiangxi Zichen. He is a professional expert in the electro graphite and anode material industry. He is also the inventor of CMS and FSN product series and has owned many patents in Lithium electricity research.


Mr. Xiaodong Qi: Mr. Qi is the VP of Putailai and the general manager of Shenzhen New Katop. He has the extensive experiences for the auto-equipment and coating in Lithium ion battery industry. He is well known as the leading contribution in the technical progress of the coating equipment.


Mr. Zhongwei Han: Mr. Han is the CFO and VP of Putailai, who graduated from Naning University with BA in Finance. Mr. Han owns the rich experiences in economics analysis and business management. He taught in Middlesex University after he obtained doctoral degree in Economics. Mr. Han was the VP of Hanergy Thin Film Power Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion and Accessonies Co., Ltd.. He also takes the role as the secretary of Putailai board.

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