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       The company actively promoting the construction of modern enterprise management system, Standardize corporate governance structure, Improve the general meeting of shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors and the special committee of the board of the corporate governance structure, Promoting the construction of enterprise internal control system, strengthen the group subsidiary company controls, support and coordination; establish a benign incentive mechanism to attract and stable core team, quickly  enter the high-end customers market, And achieve the growth of ultra-high speed, In the anode material, automation equipment, lithium ion battery separator coating and other industries to achieve superior status;

       We hope our company is not only the lithium battery industry sails compete in a manufacturer, A creator is the boat race in the flow, We take the technology as the forerunner, Good faith as the cornerstone, To provide a whole range of products and follow-up service, By differentiation of breakthrough new products lithium-ion battery big customers high-end market, Become a pioneer in the process of industrial upgrading, The world's leading lithium ion battery materials and professional technology equipment suppliers, We forge ahead, willing to work hard for the human green home, From cantabile years to a rosy future.

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